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Triassic Rocks ~ This is Triassic's signature blend of 52% Zinfandel and 48% Syrah, and this wine truly does rock!  Only 50 cases were produced, and due to the limited supply, we can only offer a sample on the day you sign up for the wine club.  Triassic Rocks is only available to Triassic Legacy Wine Club members as part of their quarterly selection. SOLD OUT!

Bottle of wine
Bottle of wine

Syrah-Viognier ~ Triassic's unique blend of 76% Syrah and 24% Viognier is a favorite in the tasting room.  It has delightfully rich flavors of berries and plum, with a clean, refreshing finish. SOLD OUT!

Syrah ~ Our Syrah is recognizable by its spicy blackberry, plum and pepper flavors, with just a hint of cocoa and licorice.  Tehachapi's warm summers will help bring out its mellow plum flavor, and our four seasons stress the vines just-so, and spice the resulting wine up nicely.

Bottle of wine
Bottle of wine

Zinfandel ~ A red 'Zin' known for its spicy, peppery flavor with a hint of fruit.  This varietal grows exceptionally well in cool climates and benefits greatly from our rich landscape.

Bottle of wine

Viognier ~ If you like whites, you'll love Triassic's Viognier.  Ours is characterized by spicy, floral and citrus notes, together with a hint of apple, apricot and peach flavors.  We suggest serving this wine at around 52. 

Bottle of wine

Chardonnay ~ We make ours a bit differently than others do.  We begin with a classic Chardonnay, and then add 5% Viognier to create something deliciously  unique. The Viognier adds an apple crispness and a hint of tropical  flavor to this wine, which finishes to a smooth Chardonnay glow.

Wine glass and Triassic bottle

Wines can become sold out, and we add new varieties and blends occasionally, so our selection may change without notice.

Sparkling Legacy ~ Our delicious Sparkling Wine has a delicate almond flavor layered over im- pressions of pear, green apple, and toasted vanilla.  Natural almond essence is added to this Demi-Sec Private Cuvee Champagne to create this unique sparkler.  Unbelievably delicious in Mimosas! What a treat for those hot summer days & nights to come.

2008 Dolce Rosso ~ Our unique blend of true Portuguese varietals, Sauzao & Touriga Nacional, comes together in a luxurious and delightful Port- style sipping wine.  Enjoying this full-bodied, deep ruby Dessert Wine is the perfect way to finish any day. SOLD OUT!

Bottle of Dolce Rosso
Bottle of Sparkling Legacy

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